Services in Insurance Claims and
Risk Analysis in Australia

Quantum Forensic is your seasoned expert on insurance claims and risk analysis.

Our accountants have deep experience preparing and settling business interruption claims up to billions of dollars, analyse liability insurance claims, and provide critical insight into Directors’ and Officers’ claims.

Business Interruption Claims

We act for insured businesses to prepare and settle their claims for business interruption and property damage losses following an insured event.

We have prepared and settled hundreds of liability, property and business interruption claims for clients in Australia and around the world, ranging in size and complexity from small private businesses such as pubs and factories, to public companies with losses in the hundreds of millions and billions.

Liability Insurance Claims

We address the quantification elements of liability insurance claims, both pursuant to the applicable insurance policy and also at common law. As an independent expert, we can act for either the insured, insurer or an at-fault third party.

Alternatively, we can assist in the event of a dispute as an independent expert, giving an expert opinion on an accounting, valuation or financial issue critical to the matter.

Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) claims

We possess expertise in the accounting and reporting obligations of companies and can provide critical insight to either the insured or insurer on matters of accounting, financial statements, market disclosures and corporate governance.

For your top experts in insurance claims and risk analysis, get in touch with Quantum Forensic.

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