Services in Forensic Accounting and
Investigations in Australia

As seasoned expert forensic accountants, Quantum Forensic has considerable experience in preparing expert accounting reports for litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Our accountant Hugo Loneragan is particularly adept at critiquing the damages analysis, valuation models, assumptions and determinations of opposing experts, and presenting this expert evidence in court in a clear and compelling manner.

Forensic Accounting and Financial Investigations

Our accounting professionals are highly skilled in investigating false accounting and fraud, financial statement misstatement, financial reporting irregularities, and defective market disclosure.

We respond quickly to capture and preserve electronic data and records, unravel the accounting and reporting issues, and prepare reports on which the Board can act and that stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Quantification of Loss and Damage

How do you quantify economic loss and damage in contracts, commercial disputes and litigation?

Our accounting, valuation and finance specialists apply sound damages theory and economic loss methodologies to develop a robust model and computation of the loss and damage suffered that can be presented in court or used in pre-litigation negotiations.

Expert Accounting Opinion and Testimony

We can act as consulting experts and advise clients on the technical accounting, valuation and quantum implications of their case.

In this role, we are non-independent expert accountants and do not give expert accounting evidence, but rather work as a key member of your strategy team and add value by advising clients and their lawyers, unconstrained by the limitations of acting as an independent expert witness.

For experts in forensic accounting and financial investigations, contact Quantum Forensic today.

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