Services in Dispute Consulting and
Corporate Advisory in Australia

Quantum Forensic has a proven track record as an independent consultant in dispute consulting and corporate advisory.

With our insight into what may seem an unfathomably complex dispute, our experts will analyse and prioritise the steps for you to take for the most positive outcome for all parties.

Consulting Experts in Litigation

Quantum Forensic is your consulting accounting expert in litigation and dispute resolution.

Acting as a consulting expert, rather than an independent expert, we work as a key member of the litigation strategy team advising the client and their lawyers on the strengths and weaknesses of their accounting and financial arguments.

We can also assist in identifying and preparing the brief for an independent expert, giving an expert opinion to the court.

Contractual Disputes

Quantum Forensic can assist with contractual disputes and pre-dispute contract reviews, including the review and analysis of joint venture partner contracts.

We help clients unravel the accounting and financial complexities of contractual terms, before disputes have the chance to arise. Where a dispute has arisen, we use our experience to suggest cost-effective options for resolution. We can act as accounting or damages experts or a third-party neutral expert.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Hugo Loneragan has deep expertise in dispute resolution, as a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in helping corporate clients to prevent, investigate and resolve complex accounting issues and commercial disputes.

For trusted dispute consulting and corporate advisory, contact Quantum Forensic.

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