Services in Australian Forensic Accounting
and Corporate Advisory

Quantum Forensic offers a depth of experience in forensic accounting services.

Forensic Accounting and Investigations

The expert forensic accountants at Quantum Forensic use accounting and auditing to examine the finances of an individual or business. This analysis can be used in legal proceedings if need be.

Quantum Forensic

Forensic Accounting

We offer services across false accounting and defective market disclosure.

Quantum Forensic

Financial Investigations

We investigate fraud, financial statement misstatement and financial reporting irregularities.

Quantum Forensic

Loss and Damage

We offer expert computation of economic loss, loss of profits, and damages in contract.

Quantum Forensic

Business Valuation Services

We offer financial and accounting analysis, tort and commercial disputes and litigation.

Quantum Forensic

Expert Analyses and Opinions

We offer reports and testimony for litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Insurance Claims and Risk Analysis

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

Insurance claims preparation and settlement
We prepare and settle claims under property damage, business interruption, liability, and D&O insurance policies.

Insurance disputes and recovery actions
We act as an expert when an insurance claim turns contentious and non-insured losses are required to be quantified and recovered from third parties.

Pre-loss risk advisory
We assist clients to identify, measure and manage economic and financial risks. This includes comprehensive advice on insured values and insurance policy structure and wording.

Dispute Consulting and Corporate Advisory

We offer services across:

Consulting expert in commercial disputes
We help clients understand the merits of their accounting and financial arguments and play a key role in the strategy team to resolve disputes.

Buy/Sell and Shareholder Agreements
We provide critical insights into the accounting and valuation aspects of Buy/Sell agreements and Shareholder Agreements, which can change the economics of the transaction. Post-completion or signing, we can assist in resolving disputes.

Business Valuation
Valuation of businesses, shares and other equity. Ensuring private business owners have an agreed basis and process for valuing their business in the event of an ownership transfer trigger in the shareholder agreement.

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