An Australian leader in forensic accounting and financial dispute consulting

An Australian leader in forensic accounting and financial dispute consulting.

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Quantum Forensic is a specialty consulting firm dedicated to helping clients solve complex forensic accounting, valuation and financial issues and resolve commercial disputes.

We draw on diverse technical skills to cover all angles of the assignment and present our work and findings in a logical, clear and concise way. We give clarity to the complex, so that you can act with confidence.

Your Expert Forensic Accountants

Quantum Forensic is your expert advisor for technical accounting, financial analysis and business valuation issues – including their wider strategic implications in a dispute or negotiation

Forensic Accounting

We are highly skilled in investigating false accounting and fraud, financial statement misstatement, financial reporting irregularities, and defective market disclosure.

Business Valuation

We apply damages theory and economic loss methodologies to quantify business loss and damage, including analyses that can be used in court or pre-litigation negotiations.

Insurance Claims

From small business to public companies, we prepare and settle insurance claims, covering for property damage and business interruption losses following an insured event.

Dispute Resolution

We consult on litigation and dispute resolution, as a key member of your litigation strategy assessing your accounting and financial arguments.

Meet Hugo Loneragan

Hugo Loneragan is an expert forensic accountant. He has conducted forensic accounting investigations requiring the highest levels of accounting expertise, prepared expert reports tendered in court, and given expert opinions on the results of his investigations. Hugo is retained by lawyers and/or clients depending on the nature of the matter and any legal proceedings involved.

Past Projects in Forensic Accounting

Quantum Forensic has completed forensic accounting investigations and expert reports into false accounting, financial statement manipulation, loss of profit, fraud, corruption, destruction of records and defective market disclosures.

We have acted as expert and strategic advisers to clients, preparing and settling complex and high profile insurance claims and commercial disputes in Australia and overseas for multi-national and private companies.

We have provided strategic advice on the accounting issues in commercial disputes, Sale and Purchase Agreements, and completion accounts. We have acted as both a consulting expert and an independent expert in litigated disputes.

Get in touch for the expert forensic accountants you need to give clarity to the complex.

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